Patient Reviews

"Dr. Cook was prompt, professional and friendly."
-Joan K.
"Dr. Gregory Cook and his staff were very efficient and informative with the removal of a portion of my toenail."
-Robert W.
"Dr Cook is very thorough and has both the expertise, and desire to truly find the problem and help the patient, that makes him stand out from other foot doctors I have visited. He goes above and beyond. I'd recommend him to family and friends."
-Gifford B.
"Dr. Cook worked with my first wife for years and we were very pleased with the results. Since I had a visit with him last week my foot is feeling better every day."
-Deloss E.
"Great service fast in and out visit."
-David R.
"Very friendly service and everything was prompt and orderly. I appreciated the competence of all those who served me."
-Daniel J.
"They have always been so helpful, kind as well as very professional. The doctors do an excellent job and have been so supportive. The last time I took my son in to see the doctor because a toenail had grown back. They were very prompt about giving him help before he had to leave the country. Although I was not told, I sensed that they opened the office early so [my son] would have time to heal before leaving. No one made us feel like a burden or anything but I could feel the concern for his well being shown my the doctor and staff. I was truly touched by the way they all quietly went above and beyond to help us. I was so grateful for all their help and thoughtfulness. You will be in good hands at Doctor Cook's office."
-David P.
"I felt very comfortable, and the staff are extremely nice."
-Jacob F.
"The Cooks are the best!! The doctors and staff always take such good care of our family's foot issues. They are also easy to schedule an appointment with on short notice."
-Parker W.
"Professional, nice and took great care of my feet!"
-Christian H.
"Great job, as always. Amazingly, Dr. Bryce remembers about me from years past!"
-April C.
"I appreciate the kindness and concern in checking out my problem and the professionalism in addressing those concerns."
-Peggy M.
"Your office employees and nurses are super great. I wish all my doctors were like Dr. Cook. He is so helpful, knowledgeable and treats me so great. As they say in medicine... from 1 to 10 you are a 10."
-Kathleen G.
"The staff and Doctors at this office are great. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. My son had an ingrown toenail and it was removed quickly and with as little discomfort as possible. The doctors and staff were willing to listen to, and answer, all of our questions. I would highly recommend going to Cook Foot and Ankle."
-Rurik O.
"It was a very friendly atmosphere. I was very comfortable with the fact that this was my first visit."
-Joann H.
"As always, I had excellent, friendly care."
-Kathleen B.
"Very competent and friendly staff! Got us in quickly. Professional, clean, organized office. Dr. Cook is great!"
-Laci L.
"Everyone in the Office are so very friendly."
-Pamela C.
"Lynn is always so cordial and inquires how I am doing, what have I been doing lately, etc. The nurses are equally nice to me when they bring me back for Dr. Greg. Dr. Greg is an outstanding man, friend, and doctor. He does his very best for his patients, and even though sometimes many other patients are in the office, he acts as if I was the only one there. He talks to me in terms I can understand, and can re-explain many things to me with a smile! My poor feet feel much better after a visit to Dr. Greg and company, and I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends. Thank you all for caring for me!"
-Scott C.
"Super friendly and helpful. They were willing to take extra time with me and answer all of my questions."
-Andrew M.
"Dr. Cook was very helpful with my situation."
-Tina F.
"Very friendly and helpful staff."
-Laura G.
"I got into my appointment very fast and I always enjoy my visits with Dr. Bryce Cook. He is very efficient and thorough in his examinations. If anyone is in need of foot care I always tell them to go to you, that you are the best."
-Marjorie W.
"Always so kind, professional, knowledgeable, and greatly helpful with my foot and ankle challenges."
-Rita M.
"Love this office thanks for everything!"
-Kristina E.
"We have had great care at Dr. Cook's office. Very friendly and caring environment. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs foot care."
-Lynda S.
"Always get me right in and are so kind."
-Dixie P.
"You have very caring service. The treatment helped my pain as well as my balance. Thank you and your staff for your help."
-LuJean J.
"I have always found the staff and doctor to be very friendly, helpful, and willing to answer any questions I have. I have felt confident in the care and treatment I have received."
-Nedra F.
"I was dealing with Plantar Fasciitis the Doctor did a nice job of helping me deal with the issue."
-Kevin F.
"Dr. Bryce Cook was kind, gentle, and knowledgeable."
-Rebecca E.
"This was my first visit. I was experiencing a very painful condition, and I appreciate the sensitive yet professional and thorough way that Dr. Gregory Cook and his medical assistant interacted with me. I also appreciate the very friendly and efficient office staff."
-Alice B.
"I can't say anything bad about my visit there."
-Waneta Y.
"I am very pleased with the staff and Dr. Cook. Everyone pleasant and professional, friendly and caring."
-Eric R.
"Thank you for your professional service. I appreciate your knowledge and great care."
-Donna H.
"Dedicated, professional, and caring."
-Beverly W.
"Dr. Cook is very helpful with questions. His staff is sensitive and friendly. The office manager did all the paperwork for me for short term disability papers also has helped me with all the times I've had to call back for more detailed instructions to get back to work."
-LaDawna B.
"The doctor seemed to be thorough and listened to the complaints and didn't try to recommend surgery right away. He has me trying alternatives to surgery."
-Sharee S.
"Outstanding treatment in every respect especially professionalism and friendliness. I am 100% confident I am receiving the most appropriate treatment possible."
-Joel M.
"Great foot care, and always friendly service from Dr. Cook and all of his staff. My husband and I have both had appointments there in the past month and are very pleased with the care we received."
-Candida J.
"The Doctors Cook are awesome. They always take their time in your appointment to make sure all your concerns have been addressed."
-Paige W.
"Very pleased with the staff as well as Dr. Cook. They truly take the time to be thorough and make sure all questions are answered. I had to bring my kids, ages 7, 5, and 7 months. They were so helpful and patient with us. I would highly recommend them."
-Susan H.
"I love Dr Cook and his staff they are very caring people, I live in the Bear Lake Valley area and it is well worth the travel to be in their care."
-Paula O.
"I have always felt that Dr. Cook and the staff were very interested in helping me with my foot. I really can't say enough good about your office."
-Crystal L.
"Great staff. Friendly and courteous. Dr Cook is awesome."
-Vicky M.
"I always appreciate the sincere concern and readiness the doctor and staff give me."
-Linda Y.